What Steven Li Does

I typically help 7 and 8-figure companies and public figures scale up their content strategy and resolve their software woes, but no client is "too small" to work with. If we can agree on a couple of key values, then we'll be a fit.

Partnering with a killer company or personality on content is like adding fuel to the fire.




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Steven Li's Work Samples

If we decide to work together, I'll be treating your content like my own.

1. When I was 16, I failed big-time at running my first company. Here are 7 hard lessons I learned that every young entrepreneur can benefit from. via Business Insider.

2. Eric Yuan Explains the 6 Simple Tactics He Used to Build Zoom Into a $20 Billion Business. via Entrepreneur Magazine

3. How Two Stanford Dropouts Built a $2.6 Billion Company In Just Two Years. via Entrepreneur Magazine

4. How Danielle Bregoli (AKA the 'Cash Me Outside' Girl) Turned Viral Infamy Into a Million-Dollar Career. via Entrepreneur Magazine

How Steven Li Helps His Clients

If we decide to work together, there will be a mutual understanding that I'll deliver nothing but the highest quality content and you'll work tirelessly to grow your company. We'll grow together and both be happy.

Company Blog Content

I consistently help my clients drive more traffic to their site with written content. Chances are, I can help you too.


Are you a prolific entrepreneur who wants to put out content but doesn't have the time? I'm here to help.


Chances are, a lot of what you're repetitively doing can be automated. I can help you with that.